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Well, it's that time again - time for more statistics! With the release of Fedora 20 beta we take some time to look at and recognize the users who contribute to the project. With Beta being out and in the wild, we're currently testing for the Final release which is slated to come out December 10th. We can use all the help we can get with testing - so if you have some time, come help out!

With that said, let's get to the statistics.


This section is the list of all the contributors who filled in our release validation test matrices (Install, Desktop and Base). Each step of the process goes through these validation tests - which helps to show how thoroughly tested each of those three areas is.

Test period: Fedora 20 Alpha- Fedora 20 Beta
Testers: 23
Reports: 1425
Unique referenced bugs: 52

Name Reports submitted Referenced bugs [1]
pwhalen2901002806 1015234 1016547 1016687 892178 (5)
robatino2591000891 1000893 1000895 1000898 1002806 1014970 1014972 1015220 1016813 1016816 1018953 1018957 1020403 1020405 1023657 1023659 1023660 1025920 1025921 1026905 1026908 1027065 1027066 1027545 1027546 929177 (26)
satellit1641004621 1012141 1014825 1015731 1020545 1023604 1027507 (7)
mkrizek1571002806 1008633 1016522 1020845 1023250 1027965 929177 (7)
kparal1021016522 1017201 1017205 1026834 1027682 (5)
adamwill441012141 1012514 1014304 1023250 994180 (5)
cmurf441023780 (1)
pschindl381023780 (1)
roshi341023263 (1)
cwickert181028063 (1)

Pwhalen took lead from the last round of statistics. Second place was robatino with a whopping total of 26 unique bugs found! satellit came in third, moving up from 10th in Alpha. We had 23 testers submit over 1400 reports - which is exceptional!


This section is a slightly trimmed list of all the contributors who reported bugs into Bugzilla for F20 Beta. The Bugzilla numbers increased dramatically from the Fedora 20 Alpha phase. Almost 1000 more bugs reported this time around and 300 more people reporting them! That's a great thing to see - hopefully we can keep this up for Final :)

Test period: Fedora 20 Alpha - Fedora 20 Beta (2013-09-25 - 2013-11-12)
Reporters: 461
New reports: 1309

Name Reports submitted2 Excess reports3 Accepted blockers4
Mikhail624 (6%)0
Chris Murphy363 (8%)6
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek282 (7%)0
Heiko Adams261 (3%)0
Kamil Páral251 (4%)0
Andre Robatino2419 (79%)2
Adam Williamson191 (5%)1
Ankur Sinha (FranciscoD)192 (10%)0
Mike FABIAN190 (0%)0
Tim Waugh170 (0%)0
Marian Csontos161 (6%)1
Carlos Morel-Riquelme151 (6%)0
lnie153 (20%)0
Alexander Todorov113 (27%)0
Niki Guldbrand110 (0%)0
Cole Robinson91 (11%)0
IBM Bug Proxy91 (11%)0
Parag90 (0%)0
David Lehman80 (0%)4
Bruno Bruzzano80 (0%)0
fujiwara80 (0%)0
Jozef Mlich80 (0%)0
Matthew Garrett80 (0%)0
Maël Lavault80 (0%)0 at gmail.com81 (12%)0
Stephen Gallagher83 (37%)0
Łukasz80 (0%)0
Artur Szymczak72 (28%)0
D. Charles Pyle71 (14%)0
Dan Horák70 (0%)0
Joachim Backes72 (28%)0
Michael Schwendt70 (0%)0
Petr Schindler71 (14%)0
Paul Whalen60 (0%)2
A.J. Werkman60 (0%)0
anish63 (50%)0
Björn "besser82" Esser61 (16%)0
Christian Stadelmann62 (33%)0
Jan Sedlák61 (16%)0
Kevin Raymond60 (0%)0
Matthew Miller60 (0%)0
Michal Schmidt60 (0%)0
nucleo61 (16%)0
Rodd Clarkson60 (0%)0
Branislav Blaškovič50 (0%)0
Brian C. Lane51 (20%)0
Dan Mossor50 (0%)0
f.alexander.wilms at gmail.com50 (0%)0
Flóki Pálsson51 (20%)0
Frank Murphy52 (40%)0
Gene Czarcinski51 (20%)0
Hapoofesgeli at goingon.ir50 (0%)0
Igor Gnatenko50 (0%)0
Jared Smith50 (0%)0
Jiri Popelka50 (0%)0
Karsten Hopp50 (0%)0
Krzysztof Daniel50 (0%)0
leigh scott50 (0%)0
Mark Tinberg50 (0%)0
Marko Myllynen50 (0%)0
P. A. López-Valencia50 (0%)0
Pavel Mlčoch50 (0%)0
Philipp Dreimann51 (20%)0
Ralf Corsepius50 (0%)0
Rex Dieter50 (0%)0
rh at treblig.org50 (0%)0
Robert Rati52 (40%)0
satellit at bendbroadband.com50 (0%)0
Satyendra Singh50 (0%)0
Tadej Janež50 (0%)0
Vetoshkin Nikita50 (0%)0
...and also 389 other reporters who created less than 5 reports each, but 618 reports combined!

With the huge increase in both reporters and reported bugs it's no surprise that the leaders this time around had much higher numbers. Mikhail doubled the top numbers from Beta as well as Chris Murphy, who took second. Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek came in third with an additional 28 bug reports, bringing the total for all three of them to 126. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit bugs (all 1309 of them)!

Bodhi - Updates Testing

This section is a slightly trimmed list of all the contributors who provided feedback in Bodhi during Beta testing. Bodhi is a system used to verify the stability of packages before they get to stable. The number of testers and comments also significantly increased since Alpha. It's good to see such solid growth between releases. It will be interesting to see what kind of numbers we get for Final.

Test period: Fedora 20 Alpha - Fedora 20 Beta (2013-09-25 - 2013-11-12)
Testers: 205
Comments [5]: 1294

Name Updates commented
Björn Esser (besser82)117
Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain)112
Fabio Valentini (fafatheone)84
Christopher Meng (cicku)67
Piotr Drąg (raven)53
Adam Williamson (adamwill)51
Ankur Sinha (ankursinha)49
Martti Kuosmanen (kuosmanen)41
Kalev Lember (kalev)34
Kamil Páral (kparal)34
Peter Robinson (pbrobinson)33
Nie Lili (lnie)31
Jiří Popelka (jpopelka)26
Hans Müller (cairo)18
Reindl Harald (hreindl)14
Wolfgang Ulbrich (raveit65)13
Alexey Kurov (nucleo)13
T.C. Hollingsworth (patches)12
Kevin Fenzi (kevin)12
Arthur Scott Poore (spoore)12
Rex Dieter (rdieter)10
Chris Murphy (chrismurphy)8
Alexander Kurtakov (akurtakov)7
Luis Enrique Bazán De León (lbazan)7
Lubomir Rintel (lkundrak)6
Tim Waugh (twaugh)6
Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh)6
Lukas Tinkl (ltinkl)5
Dan Mashal (vicodan)5
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (zbyszek)4
Michal Schmidt (michich)4
Vít Ondruch (vondruch)4
Michal Srb (msrb)4
Daniel Dimitrov (dandim)4
Michael Schwendt (mschwendt)4
Endi Sukma Dewata (edewata)4
Jan Grulich (jgrulich)3
Takao Fujiwara (fujiwara)3
Mattias Ellert (ellert)3
Paul Whalen (pwhalen)3
Rolf Fokkens (rolffokkens)3
Morten Stevens (mstevens)3
Heiko Adams (heikoada)3
Branislav Blaskovic (blaskovic)3
Gene Czarcinski (gczarcinski)3
Orion Poplawski (orion)3
John Dulaney (jdulaney)3
Mohamed ElMorabity (melmorabity)3
Kevin Kofler (kkofler)3
...and also 146 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 172 reports combined!

Björn Esser (besser82) stayed in the lead this time, with Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain) as a extremely close second. Nonamedotc dropped from second to fourth, while Fabio Valentini (fafatheone) moved up to third. It's great to see so many people submitting karma for packages, and to see such close numbers. Good work everyone!


When you compare the numbers to Alpha, the Beta release looks awesome. It was great to see such dramatic increases in participation throughout the Beta release process. With the upcoming Final release (2013-12-10) it will be interesting to see where our numbers go.

If you're at all interested in helping the quality of Fedora, please come help us out! Read the wiki page and join us on freenode at #fedora-qa. We'd love to have you and answer any questions you might have!

// Roshi

.. [1] This is a list of bug reports linked to the wiki results. They don't have to be reported by that concrete person.
.. [2] The total number of new reports (including "excess reports"). Reopened reports or reports with a changed version are not included, because it was not technically easy to retrieve those. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't take the numbers too seriously, but just as interesting and fun data.
.. [3] Excess reports are those that were closed as NOTABUG, WONTFIX, WORKSFORME, CANTFIX or INSUFFICIENT_DATA. Excess reports are not necessarily a bad thing, but they make for interesting statistics. Close manual inspection is required to separate valuable excess reports from those which are less valuable.
.. [4] This only includes reports that were created by that particular user and accepted as blockers afterwards. The user might have proposed other people's reports as blockers, but this is not reflected in this number.
.. [5] If a person provides multiple comments to a single update, it is considered as a single comment. Karma value is not taken into account.

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