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Well, it's finally come. Fedora 20 Heisenbug has been released. And with any release, we've got statistics! This time, however, I'm publishing the stats way sooner to the release in question than I have in the past. I mean, it did just release yesterday. A lot of work went into making F20 as well as testing it - thanks to everyone who contributed time and cycles to testing Fedora 20. Now we get to start preparing for Fedora 21 - which will be quite a departure from what we're used to. It's going to be interesting to see what comes in the Future of Fedora. Alright, enough of my rambling - time for some tables.


This section is the list of all the contributors who filled in our release validation test matrices (Install, Desktop and Base). Each step of the process goes through these validation tests - which helps to show how thoroughly tested each of those three areas is.

Test period: Fedora 20 Beta - Fedora 20 Final
Testers: 26
Reports: 1327
Unique referenced bugs: 40

Name Reports submitted Referenced bugs [1]
pwhalen2871035462 1037767 1037789 1040922 892178 969524 (6)
satellit1621030719 1032921 1033746 1036306 872652 973855 (6)
robatino1621000891 1000893 1000895 1030719 1030722 1032866 1032868 1035140 1035145 1037619 1037624 1037626 1038840 1038841 1038855 1040867 1040872 929177 (18)
mkrizek1101037626 (1)
adamwill1011023250 1027507 1028207 1031239 1035548 1037934 1040922 881624 892178 (9)
roshi991032921 1037626 (2)
Wutao85581030804 (1)
kparal421038855 (1)
pschindl411033749 (1)
cmurf391030695 (1)
jsedlak161028503 (1)

Pwhalen kept a hefty lead when compared to the Beta stats. satellit and robatino tied for second with 24 unique reference bugs between them. mkrizek wasn't far behind those two with 110 reports. We didn't have as many reports when compared to Beta, but we did see additional people working the wiki - hopefully we can keep that going into!


This section is a slightly trimmed list of all the contributors who reported bugs into Bugzilla for F20 Final. Between Beta and Final the number of reporters swelled by almost 100; while at the same time the number of new bug reports dropped by 100. Good numbers on both sides! Considering the stats from Alpha - F20 had a great trend all the way through. In that timeframe there was almost a 400 person increase in reporters. It's awesome to see such an increase throughout a release.

Test period: Fedora 20 Beta - Fedora 20 Final (2013-11-12 - 2013-12-17)
Reporters: 540
New reports: 1280

Name Reports submitted2 Excess reports3 Accepted blockers4
Mikhail637 (11%)0
Adam Williamson334 (12%)5
Tim Waugh242 (8%)0
Kamil Páral192 (10%)1
Chris Murphy181 (5%)0
Alexey Torkhov170 (0%)4
Rolle151 (6%)0
Andre Robatino1411 (78%)2
Igor Gnatenko141 (7%)0
Amit Shah110 (0%)0
Jaroslav Škarvada110 (0%)0
Jason Haar91 (11%)0
Karsten Hopp90 (0%)0
Vratislav Podzimek92 (22%)0
Ankur Sinha (FranciscoD)80 (0%)0
Brian J. Murrell80 (0%)0
Cole Robinson80 (0%)0
mastaiza81 (12%)0
Miro Hrončok80 (0%)0
Vetoshkin Nikita80 (0%)0
Christian Stadelmann72 (28%)0
Cristian Ciupitu70 (0%)0
James Cape71 (14%)0
Jozef Mlich71 (14%)0
Maciek Borzecki70 (0%)0
Robin Hack72 (28%)0
Paul Whalen60 (0%)2
James Patterson61 (16%)1
satellit at bendbroadband.com60 (0%)1
collura at ieee.org60 (0%)0
Gareth Williams60 (0%)0
Havoc Pennington61 (16%)0
IBM Bug Proxy60 (0%)0
lnie61 (16%)0
Martin Holec60 (0%)0
Pavel Mlčoch60 (0%)0
Tom Hughes61 (16%)0
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek60 (0%)0
Mike FABIAN50 (0%)1
Bojan Smojver50 (0%)0
BrollyLSSJ50 (0%)0
Bruno Bruzzano50 (0%)0
Christian Kujau50 (0%)0
Dan Mashal52 (40%)0
Emmanuel Pacaud50 (0%)0
Heiko Adams50 (0%)0
joel at simulantproductions.com50 (0%)0
lejeczek51 (20%)0
Michael Scherer50 (0%)0
Orion Poplawski51 (20%)0
Paul Finnigan52 (40%)0
Pierguido Lambri50 (0%)0
Raphos51 (20%)0
redhat at idlecore.com50 (0%)0
Richard W.M. Jones50 (0%)0
Russell Doty51 (20%)0
...and also 483 other reporters who created less than 5 reports each, but 755 reports combined!

Mikhail continues the reign over Bugzilla - nearly doubling second place (AdamW), again. Tim Waugh and Kamil were really close for third and fourth (respectively). Thanks to everyone who took the time to report bugs - it really helps!

Bodhi - Updates Testing

This section is a slightly trimmed list of all the contributors who provided feedback in Bodhi during Final testing. Bodhi is a system used to verify the stability of packages before they get to the whole Fedora ecosystem. We ended up losing some people when compared to the numbers from Beta - but that's not too surprising getting close to a Final release. We'll see those numbers move back up with!

Test period: Fedora 20 Beta - Fedora 20 Final (2013-11-12 - 2013-12-17)
Testers: 194
Comments [5]: 899

Name Updates commented
Adam Williamson (adamwill)76
Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain)61
Ankur Sinha (ankursinha)48
Piotr Drąg (raven)47
Christopher Meng (cicku)40
Kamil Páral (kparal)33
Reindl Harald (hreindl)28
Alexander Kurtakov (akurtakov)25
Hans Müller (cairo)24
Kalev Lember (kalev)19
John Dulaney (jdulaney)16
T.C. Hollingsworth (patches)15
Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)15
Nie Lili (lnie)13
Michael Schwendt (mschwendt)12
Jiří Popelka (jpopelka)11
Ralph Bean (ralph)9
Peter Robinson (pbrobinson)8
Wolfgang Ulbrich (raveit65)7
Chris Murphy (chrismurphy)7
Paul Whalen (pwhalen)7
Kevin Fenzi (kevin)7
Matthias Runge (mrunge)7
Dennis Gilmore (ausil)6
Björn Esser (besser82)6
Endi Sukma Dewata (edewata)6
Abhishek Koneru (kaskahn)6
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (zbyszek)5
Rex Dieter (rdieter)5
Greg Schlau (gregschlau)5
Debarshi Ray (rishi)5
Claudio Rodrigo Pereyra Diaz (elsupergomez)4
Mosaab Alzoubi (moceap)4
Morten Stevens (mstevens)4
Dan Mossor (dmossor)4
Satoshi Matsumoto (kaorimatz)4
Daniel Dimitrov (dandim)4
Karsten Hopp (karsten)4
Mike Ruckman (roshi)3
Tim Waugh (twaugh)3
Dan Horák (sharkcz)3
Flash L (flashl)3
Mateusz Marzantowicz (mmarzantowicz)3
Joachim Backes (backes)3
Simone Caronni (slaanesh)3
Colin J Thomson (g6avk)3
smithers (greg18)3
Onuralp SEZER (thunderbirdtr)3
Dezső Sándor (obsitos)3
...and also 138 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 163 reports combined!

Adam Williamson (adamwill) took first this time around with 76. Igor Gnatenko (ignatenkobrain) again came in a close second. Nonamedotc dropped from third during Beta to 5th, with Ankur Sinha (ankursinha) and Piotr Drąg (raven) moved to third and fourth. Awesome work everyone!


These numbers show a solid finish for the Final release. Since Beta we've seen the number of contributors grow, and I expect that trend to be sustained throughout the next release cycle. With 5 new Working Groups producing three new products I don't know what the stats will look like. It'll be hard to show concrete comparisons between F20 and the multi-faceted F21, but that's a good chance to try something new. Thanks to everyone for all the testing of Fedora 20! I look forward to working with you all on the next release!

Also, if you're at all interested in helping the quality of Fedora, please come help us out! Read the wiki page and join us on freenode at #fedora-qa. We'd love to have you and answer any questions you might have!

// Roshi

.. [1] This is a list of bug reports linked to the wiki results. They don't have to be reported by that concrete person.
.. [2] The total number of new reports (including "excess reports"). Reopened reports or reports with a changed version are not included, because it was not technically easy to retrieve those. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't take the numbers too seriously, but just as interesting and fun data.
.. [3] Excess reports are those that were closed as NOTABUG, WONTFIX, WORKSFORME, CANTFIX or INSUFFICIENT_DATA. Excess reports are not necessarily a bad thing, but they make for interesting statistics. Close manual inspection is required to separate valuable excess reports from those which are less valuable.
.. [4] This only includes reports that were created by that particular user and accepted as blockers afterwards. The user might have proposed other people's reports as blockers, but this is not reflected in this number.
.. [5] If a person provides multiple comments to a single update, it is considered as a single comment. Karma value is not taken into account.

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