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And for the 3rd installment of the F22 Heroes of Fedora we'll be going over Fedora 22 Final. Just like the previous editions, we'll take a look at Updates Testing, Release Validation results and bugs filed.

Updates Testing

We had a really strong turn out for F22 compared to F21. The number of people submitting comments to Bodhi increased by 151 people. Comments increased all the way to 1859! That's a great turnout for F22!

Test period: Final

Testers: 336

Comments1: 1859

Name Updates commented
Hans Müller (cairo)160
Chris Sandler (chr77)122
Martti Kuosmanen (kuosmanen)118
Daniel Dimitrov (dandim)85
Dmitri Smirnov (cserpentis)54
Reindl Harald (hreindl)46
Nie Lili (lnie)45
Pete Walter (pwalter)34
David H. Gutteridge (dhgutteridge)32
Charles-Antoine Couret (renault)29
Kalev Lember (kalev)28
iplexsia * (iplexsia)27
Carlos MorelRiquelme (iplavvia)27
Peter Smith (smithp)24
William Moreno (williamjmorenor)22
Kamil Páral (kparal)22
Christian Dersch (lupinix)22
Eduardo Andrés Villagrán Morales (evillagr)22
Parag Nemade (pnemade)21
Mukundan Ragavan (nonamedotc)21
Alexander Kurtakov (akurtakov)19
Björn Esser (besser82)18
Anssi Johansson (avij)14
Morten Stevens (mstevens)14
Rex Dieter (rdieter)13
Ruben Kerkhof (ruben)12
Adam Williamson (adamwill)12
Wolfgang Ulbrich (raveit65)11
Ankur Sinha (ankursinha)11
Henning Norén (norenh)10
Piotr Drąg (raven)10
Raphael Groner (raphgro)10
Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)10
Petr Schindler (pschindl)10
Endi Sukma Dewata (edewata)9
hioplexi viii (hioplexi)9
hica ponic (hicaponic)8
¨ ¨ (telhih)8
Tomas Tomecek (ttomecek)8
Peter Robinson (pbrobinson)7
Kevin COUSIN (kiven)7
Gerald B. Cox (gbcox)7
Stefan Neufeind (neufeind)7
Jan Grulich (jgrulich)6
Roland Wolters (liquidat)6
Nerijus Baliūnas (nerijus)5
Glazier Ward (glazierward)5
Christopher Meng (cicku)5
Matthew Miller (mattdm)5
Antonio Insuasti (wolfantec)5
Kevin Fenzi (kevin)5
Colton Myers (basepi)5
Till Maas (till)5
Thomas Gilliard (satellit)5
Florian Lehner (flo)4
Jiří Popelka (jpopelka)4
Josef Skladanka (jskladan)4
Ralph Bean (ralph)4
Dennis Gilmore (ausil)4
Nicole Thomas (rallytime)4
Sérgio Monteiro Basto (sergiomb)4
Miroslav Suchý (msuchy)4
David Caro (dcaroest)4
Orion Poplawski (orion)4
Yeela Kaplan (ykaplan)4
Dan Kenigsberg (danken)4
Stephen Gallagher (sgallagh)4
Shuichiro MAKIGAKI (makisyu)4
Björn Persson (rombobeorn)4
Benjamin Hardill (hardillb)3
Giulio Erler (juliuxpigface)3
Marcelo Fernandes Vianna (mfvianna)3
smithers (greg18)3
Colin J Thomson (g6avk)3
Lameire Alexis (alexises)3
Michael Schwendt (mschwendt)3
...and also 244 other reporters who created less than 3 reports each, but 300 reports combined!

Hans and Chris both moved up from their positions for F21 Final to 1st and 2nd with 160 and 122 comments submitted (respectively). Marti was able to move up from 6th to third with 118 comments - just barely missing out on the 2nd place slot. Great work everyone!

Validation Tests

We saw a slight decline in reports between F21 and F22. Though, to be fair I think we were able to work out a lot of the kinks between releases. It'll be interesting to see how testing goes for the F23 cycle (which is almost upon us).

Test period: Fedora 22 Final

Testers: 28

Reports: 899

Unique referenced bugs: 27

Name Reports submitted Referenced bugs1
pwhalen2351185447 1211660 1217787 (3)
satellit1181166650 1210857 1212180 1216897 1222262 (5)
pschindl1091219033 681250 (2)
kparal871166650 1222052 1223735 (3)
juliuxpigface331173716 1202113 1217901 1220497 (4)
roshi301224045 (1)
adamwill241190377 1206960 1213132 1217610 1218818 1219264 1220948 1220950 (8)
kevin131219871 (1)
oddshocks101210419 (1)

While we saw a decline in both testers and results between F21 Final and F22 Final, Paul was able to hold the #1 slot with 235 reports! Thomas was able to move up from 3rd place in F21 to 2nd with 118 reports. Petr skyrocketed from his 11th place position all the way up to 3rd place with 109 reports! Great work folks!

And finally, it's onto the Bug reports!

Bug Reports

We saw a substantial increase in the number of people submitting reports, but overall less bugs were found than in F21 (which I like to think is the result of actually having fewer bugs).

Test period: Fedora 22 Final (2015-04-21 - 2015-05-22)

Reporters: 450

New reports: 1096

Name Reports submitted1 Excess reports2 Accepted blockers3
Christian Stadelmann332 (6%)0
James Patterson242 (8%)0
Mikhail210 (0%)0
Guillaume Poirier-Morency190 (0%)0
Kamil Páral172 (11%)1
Mike FABIAN160 (0%)0
evgenymarkov at yandex.ru150 (0%)0
Jonathan Kamens151 (6%)0
autarch princeps130 (0%)0
René Genz120 (0%)0
Chris Murphy112 (18%)1
Adam Williamson110 (0%)0
Christian K110 (0%)0
Ralf Corsepius112 (18%)0
Alexander Kurtakov91 (11%)0
Ezra Sharp91 (11%)0
George R. Goffe92 (22%)0
Stephen Gallagher81 (12%)2
Bojan Smojver80 (0%)0
Christopher Beland81 (12%)0
madstitz at gmail.com80 (0%)0
maurygls at gmail.com82 (25%)0
poma80 (0%)0
Timothy M. Butterworth80 (0%)0
Cole Robinson71 (14%)0
David Le Sage70 (0%)0
Giulio 'juliuxpigface'70 (0%)0
Juan Orti70 (0%)0
Luya Tshimbalanga71 (14%)0
Martin Kolman70 (0%)0
Maël Lavault70 (0%)0
Nick Coghlan70 (0%)0
汪明衡70 (0%)0
Andrew Diaz61 (16%)0
Bernd Putsche61 (16%)0
bztdlinux at gmail.com60 (0%)0
Craig Robson60 (0%)0
Daniel Seither60 (0%)0
Heiko Adams60 (0%)0
Jan Vlug60 (0%)0
Lubomir Rintel60 (0%)0
Rex Dieter60 (0%)0
satellitgo at gmail.com60 (0%)0
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek60 (0%)0
Vratislav Podzimek50 (0%)1
Alex Puchades50 (0%)0
David Woodhouse50 (0%)0
dev002 at pas-world.com51 (20%)0
Gerald Cox52 (40%)0
Jimmy Jones50 (0%)0
Joachim Backes50 (0%)0
lnie50 (0%)0
Michael DePaulo50 (0%)0
Naren Larson50 (0%)0
Peter50 (0%)0
Swâmi Petaramesh50 (0%)0
...and also 394 other reporters who created less than 5 reports each, but 595 reports combined!

Christian took the lead with a whopping 33 reports filed. James was able to barely edge out Mikhail for second place with 24 reports. Mikhail pulled up 3rd with 21 reports filed. Between the three of them, they were able to find and report 7% of all the bugs for Final. While Stephen Gallagher wasn't in the top three, he did lead in Accepted Blockers found. Great work folks!

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