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Tomorrow (2015-03-12) we'll be hosting a test day for Ipsilon. What's Ipsilon, you ask? Ipsilon is "a server and a toolkit to configure Apache-based Service Providers. The server is a plugable self-contained mod_wsgi application that provides federated SSO to web applications." Needless to say, this test day is going to be a bit more involved than the usual test days I've talked about. Here's what you're going to need to participate in the testing:

  • Three working F22 Alpha machines (these can be VMs or bare metal)
    • One for an identity source (IPA)
    • One for an identity provider (IDA)
    • One or more service providers
  • working DNS (which you can set up during testing)

Check out the Wiki page and the Change description for more information.

So if you have the time, and hardware (or hardware to run the VMs), please come participate in the test day! There's several components that need testing and any help we can get would be greatly appreciated. Several members of the development team and members of the QA team will be around in the #fedora-test-day channel on Freenode to help answer any questions that might come up. It's a great chance to learn about SSO infrastructure as well as contribute to Fedora.

Looking forward to seeing you!

// Roshi

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